The Eternal Fantasy: New Stuff

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273.AlexMar 22, 2022The Sage class has been added, replacing Planewalker. Black and White Archmage have been replaced by Magus and Devout as part of a complete overhaul of this class tree. Accumulated JP from these classes will be transferred to the new classes. Additionally, Time Mage has been removed. Finally, the blue magic spells Aero and Tornado have been renamed Wind and Cyclone, as those spell names are now in use by White Mage.
The quest Shattering Stars has been adjusted to reward Sage. Magus and Devout guilds may currently be found in Thamasa. Please note that Shattering Stars will be replaced in the future, pending the rerelease of Mysidia, and that other guild location adjustments may be made at that time.
As Sage is a mechanically complex class tree, it is strongly recommended to read the associated play guides and to make use of the alias system when playing Sage classes. Please see help blackmage and help whitemage for further details.
Please report all feedback to Alex.
272.LailokenDec 10, 2021The Red Mage tree has been completely redone. A new third tier class (Fencer) and fourth tier class (Rune Fencer) have been added. The Red Archmage class has been disabled. Any progress made with Red Archmage has been applied to Fencer. Please see help files for "redmage", "redwizard", "fencer", and "runefencer" for details.
Certain abilities and themes from Mystic Knight and Runic Knight have been incorporated into the new class tree and, subsequently, those two classes are no longer available to players.
Please report all feedback to Lailoken.
271.AlexSep 30, 2021The hp command has been updated to be usable on players and NPCs in the room with you for ease of reference in combat.
270.LailokenJul 12, 2021The Caller tree has been updated. Some spells have been changed or added to incorporate the Stagger combat system. Esper Auras have been removed and the Aethertrail resource has been simplified and can be built faster. The MP cost for caller spells and Espers increases by player level. For more information see the help documents for callerlist, evokerlist, summonerlist, mastersummonerlist, and each of the caller spells. Please submit any issues using the bug command and any feedback using the idea command.
269.AlexApr 21, 2021The town of Baron has been updated, and an entirely new series of quests has been added. These quests serve both as a game tutorial integrated into gameplay, and as the introduction to the main scenario of Final Fantasy 4. For further information on these quests, please see help quests, help earth, and quests monster_clearing. Please look forward to an expanded quest system and an all new series of quests as we work to bring you a rich, immersive Final Fantasy experience. Please report all feedback on the Baron redesign and the Final Fantasy 4 main scenario to Alex.
268.LailokenApr 16, 2021The Ebot's Rock dungeon in Thamasa has been revamped! The path through the dungeon has been streamlined to make it easier for players to reach the bosses. There are 5 boss encounters and an optional event randomly placed within the teleportation rooms. The dungeon is now instanced, which means that each player (or party) gets their own copy. Dungeons will reset every day at 8am UTC. The dungeon entrance is in the same spot, but may be moved in the future. Ebot's Rock is currently in a beta state which means it may still require some balancing. Please submit idea/bug reports if you have any feedback. Lailoken is the primary esper working on Ebot's Rock. For more info see "help ebotsrock".
267.AlexMar 15, 2021The Pugilist tree has been added and the former Black Belt tree has been removed. Accumulated JP and class levels will transfer to the new class tree by class tier. Pugilist and Black Belt are available in the same locations as the previous Black Belt and Monk. The revised Monk is available from Duncan, and Master Monk is available from the quest My Love, My Anger, and All My Sorrow, available on your quest list once you meet the class requirements. Please see help pugilist for further details. Please report all feedback to Alex.
266.AlexMar 15, 2021As the first of several class adjustments, Thief tree no longer requires strength to unlock and Samurai no longer inherits Monk. Be advised that other class adjustments are planned for the future.
265.LailokenJan 3, 2021The area of Troia (FF4) has been added to the game as a level 70-80 zone. To reach the city of Troia you can take an airship from Baron to a port in the Troian overworld. From there you can follow the path to the city. Troia was an old, unfinished area which has been updated and cleaned up, but it is still a work in progress. The quests have been disabled for now, though you may see some clues or references to them. Please report any bugs, typos, or suggestions. Lailoken is the primary Esper working on Troia.
264.EnkerNov 17, 2020Mercenary and Heretic now have the capacity to gain, in the course of leveling them, 10% chances (stacking, of course) to counterattack using Fighter's Tackle ability. Questions, comments, Enker.
263.EnkerOct 3, 2020Support for different kinds of limit breaks has been added to the limit command, along with the ability to change to a limit break lower down in your class tree. Unique limits have been added for the Mercenary and Heretic classes, too. Questions, comments, Enker is tired.
262.LailokenSep 27, 2020The Caller tree has been completely redone. A new second tier class (Evoker) has been added; Summoner and Master Summoner have been moved up to third and fourth tier classes, respectively. Any progress made in the previous Summoner/Master Summoner classes have been shifted according to the new class order. Please see help files for "caller", "evoker", "summoner", and "mastersummoner" for details. A new quest has been added to join the Summoner class called "A Cryptic Summons." There will be a quest for Master Summoner, but until it has been completed you can simply join it in the Guild of Call Magic in Mist. Some of the old espers are temporarily disabled, but they will all be added back soon (you won't have to re-learn them).
Please report all feedback to Lailoken.
261.AlexSep 27, 2020The Dragoon tree has been revamped. A new first-tier class, Uhlan, has been added, and Dragon Knight has been renamed to Holy Dragoon. Players who have already leveled Fighter will receive equal JP in Uhlan, and all Dragon Knight JP will be transferred to Holy Dragoon. Please see the help files for Uhlan, Lancer, Dragoon, and Holy Dragoon for details. All class quests remain the same. Uhlan is available from guilds in Narshe or Baron. Furthermore, two additional help files have been added: help highwind, and help stance. Please report all feedback to Alex.
260.EnkerSep 26, 2020Squire, Mercenary, and Heretic have updated helpfiles, giving an overview of how they work (and in Squire's case, giving it a description at all). In addition, Mercenary and Heretic can now wear hats (I forgot to give that to them -_-).
259.EnkerSep 24, 2020After some careful thought, Heretic's Vit requirement has been reduced to 200 and a Wis requirement has been added to both it and Mercenary. Also, Mercenary's sacrificial spells have had limit gain added to them. The class has also gained the spell Entrust for boosting another's limit gauge at the cost of your own. Any questions, mudmail Enker.
258.EnkerSep 22, 2020Mercenary and Heretic, classes based on Ramza's later versions of the Squire class from FFT, are now available, they can be found at Vrao's warrior guildhall in Mobliz. Help files for such seem to be having issues with the new help system, so Mercenary requires Squire 50, Vit 155, and Heretic requires Mercenary 99, Vit 230. Any questions, mudmail Enker.
257.AlexSep 8, 2020The Mouht Taken quest has been simplified considerably and should be much more newbie-friendly. Please report all feedback to Alex.
256.AlexSep 7, 2020The Thief tree has been revamped. In brief: Ninja has been moved up to third tier, Assassin has been moved up to fourth tier, and Rogue has been introduced as the second tier quest in the class tree. All accumulated JP will be retained. Please see each class' help files for further details. Rogue is available from any guild which previously gave Ninja, such as in Tycoon or Kohlingen. The quest A Shady Deal has been changed to award the Ninja class. The Assassin class is available from the quest The Shadow Knows, available on your quest list once you meet the class requirements. Finally, the stagger system has been expanded. Details are available in 'help stagger'. Please report all feedback to Alex.
255.AlexAug 19, 2020The consider command has been updated to display more relevant combat information regarding the target. As this encompasses all information previously conveyed by the Peep spell and Study ability, they have been removed.
254.AlexJul 28, 2020Poison and regen have been changed to tick faster, and should be significantly more useful now. Note that poison will still not tick on monsters if they're not in combat.
253.EnkerJul 28, 2020And, in case it wasn't said before, Holy has been put back in as a potential reward in Daryl's Tomb. Any questions, ask Enker.
252.EnkerJul 28, 2020Chakra should now, theoretically, heal for just as much on the secondary job as it should on the primary; any reason for it not having done so should be well in the past given that there should be no real dump stats (unlike Charisma back in the day, or the split between Int and Str). Any questions, ask Enker.
251.EnkerJul 28, 2020The old races Moogle, Half-Elf, and Half-Lunar have been put back in as selectable races. Any questions or issues, ask Enker.
250.AlexJul 17, 2020The Wanderer class tree is now live. Wanderer is a physical damage dealing class which relies on several unique mechanics. Please make sure to read the help files for these classes before playing them. Players who previously had the Paladin and Dark Knight classes will be adjusted accordingly. Accumulated JP will not be lost, but the Paladin class is no longer accessible and players lower than level 99 will need to wait until level 99 to change back to Dark Knight. Paladin JP will be moved to Holy Knight.
Wanderer may be found in Narshe, Seeker may be found in New Mobliz, Ravager may be found in Nikeah, and Holy Knight may be found in Albrook. Dark Knight and Divine Knight are jointly rewarded from the quest In Defiant Challenge, visible on your quest list once you reach level 99 and meet the prerequisites for either class (you only need one, not both).
Please report all feedback to Alex.
249.AlexJul 15, 2020Mysidia's shops (including its bounty shop) are now open for business again. The rest of the city will remain closed for the time being.