The Eternal Fantasy: Help [rules]

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It is imperative that you make every effort to follow the rules of the MUD.
Every player is expected to do so to keep gameplay fair and pleasant for all.
For a list of the major rules, check 'help rulelist'.

TMI Standard Rights/Rules
This document is intended to explain what rights or privileges you have on this
MUD. In many ways, MUDs are both games and virtual communities. While some of
your interactions here may seem to be very much a part of your life, be aware
that you are in fact treading on someone else's property. However, you do have
some rights and terms to be aware of during your visit here. There are various
issues which deserve clarification in regard to the way we handle them, and it's
important for you to understand what duties the administration here is
responsible for.

Because of the length of some of the explanations, we have split the general
help files up into separate files, so as to make it easier for you to find the
topic you wish to read about.

Please use 'help rules <topic>' to see more on the following:
conduct - This is pretty basic. It explains to you that the golden rule--
'Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you'--is a good
harassment - This explains sexual harassment, harassing wizards, player
disagreements, and abuse of wizard powers and how these
problems will be solved.
privacy - This explains privacy on a MUD (it does not truly exist) for
Wizards and Players and what could happen to the Wizard taking
advantage of his power to snoop.
rules_specific - This explains the rules that are specific to TMI-2. All rules
in these files are all intended for TMI-2, but this file states
the rules and rights that are specifically for TMI-2.

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