The Eternal Fantasy: Random Names

This lists 100 'random' names generated by the MUD. These are
made by putting together fragments that are commonly in names.
(It's just a simple random fantasy name generator.)
They're listed without checking if they're allowed or banned
or not, so not all names coming from this are valid.
I've seen words come up as results on this quite a few times.
Today, I saw "Thorn" and "Card", for example.

Refresh the page to generate a new list of names.

Anilavin       Loegia         Ethjallin      Larendabard    Araaefia       
Lothglennor    Ereladran      Gwoeloth       Aloibia        Rhdelbwyn      
Thiliv         Cherravin      Aferravan      Cadglentha     Abgaand        
Rauw           Sevhimn        Hjalnnon       Arieivin       Bearon         
Andholgrin     Fhomos         Larjorfia      Thoadfrid      Gwilali        
Brendagord     Galienor       Legilican      Quiranwan      Gweriba        
Greaand        Mirennon       Kdolsh         Foilith        Quoevahl       
Kaedia         Agreawin       Grendawan      Wicbrimar      Zeabia         
Thirap         Dwaos          Cadfrd         Vaynnor        Drerrald       
Vitram         Praunnon       Quiannon       Celawyth       Froawin        
Kaeadric       Waolgrin       Adworvin       Iborlgrin      Arairedan      
Crac           Chauand        Coab           Loich          Nhimwin        
Kedeich        Haolin         Ocetrem        Mirom          Frjormond      
Ajalch         Eowoanik       Kaalinik       Rhbrilath      Drjorik        
Keddelwin      Yarenn         Veragia        Kerard         Giech          
Edaevahl       Haaliwyth      Alendanad      Caddolbaen     Adraulith      
Dendasean      Ahhofia        Adrfrek        Agraleli       Ereriwyr       
Adumos         Acalelia       Aruria         Wigocylia      Afireldric     
Cilican        Oljort         Edhoctred      Galiavin       Maer           
Nyderradon     Acirawan       Seash          Erjorcan       Thauik         

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