The Eternal Fantasy: Clans

Clan Description
FoundationThe Foundation is a secretive organization that strives to mitigate a period of suffering to be endured in the future that was revealed through psychohistory, a powerful science/magic with the power to predict the future based on statistics of how large groups of people will act. This cannot predict the actions of an individual, and does not account for the effects on history by an individual, such as one in possession of the zodiac stones. Thus, the Foundation seeks to catalogue all the information contained in the four worlds, and also to eliminate variables that threaten the unfolding of history according to psychohistory.
Keepers of SymmetryThe Keepers of Symmetry were formed by the Wise Three, for they saw that Good and Evil must needs be balanced, lest the fate of the world become stagnant, and the human race fall. For sooth, they must fall if the balance were to become askew. They may fall to Good, where no motivation would be given for righteous deeds, and the intelligence of a people would fall. They may fall to Evil, where the aristocracy live in constant sodomization of the poor. Yet while the balance lasts, the majority will live in peace, and yet the evil of the land will be cause enough for man to help his fellows.
Suicide KingsNo description set yet.
The Syndicate of RosesNo description set yet.
Light of LeviathanThe Light of Leviathan was set up in and around a lighthouse by a retired Dragon Knight named Ben Hope. The organization was set up to care for orphans and the able-bodied members of the orphanage, help to build shelters around the light house, and to fund it. The lighthouse is fully functional, providing safe passage for vessels using the port to the east of it, and so many of the citizens and sailors are thankful for it. It also provides a couple of shops and an inn for travellers, so the organization is generally liked by most people.
DarkwoodPerspicientiae Dominatus Permoveo
Blades of the Red HeartNo description set yet.