The Eternal Fantasy: Level 99 Stat Bonus Calculator

NOTE: This page has out-of-date information and will be changed quite a bit,
but is available here for reference.

This page can help you plan out your stat bonuses to reach whatever goals you
have for when you reach level 99.  The stat gains on The Eternal Fantasy are
pretty complicated compared to most MUDs.  See 'help stats' for an explanation
of how stats are gained at each level.
The stat increase you get for your race can be found in the help file for your
race.  First, fill in the stats you get for your race, your current stats, what
stats you want at level 99, and your current level.  Then, this will tell you
the minimum number of stats that you can have at 99, how many you'll need to
allocate to get what you want, how many times you'll need to use the double-stat
thing that level 70 people can do, and how many times you can allocate a single
stat to get it.
Mudmail Tim if this does wrong or unexpected things.
NOTE: Humans receive custom stats or class bonuses at level 2, not level 10 as
do the other races.  This page hasn't been updated yet to reflect this, so
humans under level 10 will be messed up.
Current Level:
At level 1, you have 89 gains left, which can get you 267 stats.
(You have allocated -588, leaving 855 to allocate).

Target Strength is too low.
Target Vitality is too low.
Target Dexterity is too low.
Target Wisdom is too low.
Target Willpower is too low.
Target Charisma is too low.
Still have stats left to allocate.