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Excerpt from the rulelist:

Article I.

1. No player will be compensated for any losses during normal gameplay. This
includes, but is not limited to, the following situations:
A. Any loss of equipment, experience, or gil through death, whether it is
caused by a mob or another player.
B. Any loss of equipment, experience, or gil through normal gameplay, such
as that caused by a player ability (steal), or looting a corpse.
C. Any loss of equipment, experience, or gil due to reboots of the mud,
system crashes of the mud, net/machine lag, or load errors.
D. Any loss of equipment that is easily replaceable, or pertaining to a
specific guild which can be easily replaced.
E. Players may petition an esper to replace their missing equipment,
experience, or gil if it follows part a, b, or c.
a. The loss was not due to one of the above statements.
b. The loss was from a bug not normally found in game play.
c. The loss was due to testing a newly opened area, given that the
area is still deemed to be under 'testing'.
d. To petition for replacement of losses:
1. Petition must be mailed to an esper who has been given the
responsibility of replacing lost equipment.
2. Petition must include a list of what was lost exactly.
3. Petition must include a description of how the loss was
effected exactly.
F. Punishment for breaking Article I is handled on a case by case basis.
If a petition has been lodged numerous times for reasons that are deemed
to be non-replaceable, punishment will be dealt as follows:
1. Multiple breakings in a light manner will receive a warning.
2. Gross breakings, or multiple breakings will be consideration for
removal of character.