The Eternal Fantasy: Help [rules/harassment]

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There are basically four types of harassment, which will be explained here along
with the solutions.

Sexual harassment will NOT be tolerated on this mud. Here is an example of
simple harassment:

Sue sits in the pub alone.
Bob walks in.
Bob hugs Sue.
Sue says 'Hey! Don't do that.'
(Bob probably assumes she's being cute.)
Bob hugs Sue.
Bob grins evilly.
Sue says 'I said stop that.'

This is simply hugging, but because Sue said no, and Bob did not stop, it is
sexual harassment. Because it is difficult to prove something like this, after
the fact, we will have a log that anyone can turn on, called 'harass'. All Sue
has to do now is type: harass. She does not have to tell Bob she has done it.
Everything that goes on in that room is now being logged. Please remember, Sue
does not have to leave the room, she was there first, and Bob came in and
started harassing her. She said "no". We all know what that means. Now she
does not have to go through trying to find a sympathetic admin, because we will
be reading that log sometime soon. What will happen next is that one of us will
talk with Bob, let him know that behaviour of that sort is not acceptable here,
and warn him not to do it again. It doesn't matter if he protests innocence, we
now have proof. Very simple. If it happens again, Bob will be banished. If it
becomes necessary, Bob's site will be banished.

For more information on the harass command, check 'command harass'.

Pestering the Wizards
Harassment of wizards is less common, simply because the 'victim' of such
harassment can handle the problem much more easily. Pestering is defined as:
1. Asking the same question repeatedly, when the answer has already been
2. Attempts to kill the wizard repeatedly.
3. Spamming (dumping large amounts of text).
4. Other abuse of commands such as - ???
The way these things are handled is left up to the admins of the MUD. You will
most likely be asked to stop, warned that repeated harassment will be dealt with
severely, perhaps asked to leave or simply being banished.

Player Disagreements
Player disagreements, such as killing, stealing money/items, hounding a person,
stealing a kill, repeated telling, etc, will be handled by the administration.

Abuse of Wizard Powers
Common abuse of powers follow:
Desting players/other wizards
Inflicting 'curses' upon players/wizards
Setting up snooping devices
Making prisons (outside of the need for one in a playing area)
Using certain commands to 'fool' other players/wizards into thinking something
is happening that is not (echo, echoall, etc).

Such abuse of power shall not be tolerated unless explicitly permitted. For
example, there may be times that we ask our wizards to become actively involved
in changing the play of the game to be more "interesting" for the players. It is
not the job of the ordinary wizard to become involved with the administration of
'justice' on a mud, and this can create additional problems when a wizard
attempts to do so. A good example, is a wizard who builds a prison intended to
be used only on 'wrongdoers'. This is the role of the administration, not of the
ordinary wizard.