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Privacy on a MU* is almost non-existant. It is very easy for Wizards to create
snooping devices that circumvent whatever privacy guarantees we may try to
enforce. This is not to say that snooping devices are acceptable. They are not.
Unless another user has given express permission to a Wizard, that Wizard has no
business snooping on him. Any Wizard found making and using devices that can be
used to snoop, will besubject to disciplinary action by the Admins.

Admins are also expected to use discretion when monitoring their MUD. You may be
watched by an Admin, but Admins also understand that they should not listen in
on what is clearly a private conversation, unrelated to the MUD. Admins are
allowed to snoop, and will do so, in order to ensure that MUD security is not
being compromised, that the MUD is not being used as a place for the exchange of
illegal information, and to ensure game balance and adherence to whatever rules
may apply. So, in general, if you are not behaving in violation of the rules
here, then you should consider your privacy existent. If you are being observed,
it is the ethical duty of the Admin not to disclose any private information
gleaned from such observations. However, if you are suspected of wrongdoing, and
observation confirms it, then you may be subjected to logging of your commands.