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Excerpt from the rulelist:

1. Use of clients, scripts, and any device is legal as long as it adheres to the
A. It is not designed to enable a player to obtain experience points, job
points, possessions, or anything useful.
B. It is not designed to do any actions, including the help of others,
without the player being in full and direct control of the character.
This means that the person themselves is controlling the character, and
not clients, scripts, or any other device designed for that purpose.
C. It is not designed to keep the player connected to the MUD for the
purpose of gaining experience, job points, or age.
D. It does not send anything to the mud whatsoever.
E. Punishment for breaking Article IV is handled on a case by case basis as
1. First breakage will result in a warning. If it is deemed that the
player is not in direct and active control, minimum punishment is
being disconnected from the mud, and maximum is removal of
2. Second breakage will result in minimum of character removal and
maximum of character banishment.
3. Gross or multiple breakages will result in minimum of character
removal and maximum of site banishment.