The Eternal Fantasy: New Stuff

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98.CedusJun 1, 2007Damage formulas for Jump and related techs have been tweaked, such that damage starts higher and curves upwards more slowly (also increases in damage occur with every clevel increase, rather than at staggered intervals).
97.NarolMay 27, 2007Changing classes at a sphere will now clear positive status effects. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
96.NarolMay 21, 2007All of the rewards in Daryl's Tomb have gone through some overhaul. The Reis Wind ability and Holy spell have been removed, and have been replaced with an alternate ability and spell, respectively. All other rewards have been adjusted but not replaced in any way. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
95.NarolMay 14, 2007Poison and regen ticks should now occur at an increased rate, enhancing the overall effects of both status effects. Furthermore, mobs will not experience poison damage unless they are in combat. As usual, report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
94.NarolApr 30, 2007Magic has gone a fundamental overhaul (again). The spell names have reverted to before Raven's change of the system (White Mages may now use the blink emote safely again), and the lists are a blend of the old and the new. Each mage now has their own definite strengths and weaknesses, not to mention playing style. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
93.NarolApr 25, 2007For the first time since 2003, there are new classes to be found in game. The classes of Time Mage, Time Wizard, and Time Archmage have been added to the world, each with spells having unique effects not found in any other class in the game. These are designed as support classes, with greater emphasis on party support through buffing and enfeebling than soloing ability. Time Magic spells may not necessarily seem powerful at first, but can be used to great effect by skilled and well-coordinated players. For now, Time Mage is available only at the Baron guild hall, and Time Wizard with Ezmerelda Chadian in Mobliz. Time Archmage is, like all other third-tier classes, considered qinfo. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
92.NarolApr 10, 2007Trainer now gets its long-awaited Capture skill, and Beast Man gets its long-awaited Control skill. Report all bugs, comments, questions, and impressions to Narol.
91.NarolMar 27, 2007Elemental attack up/down statuses (e.g. "fire_att_up") now work, adding a fixed modifier to your elemental damage in general. This includes spells, melee attacks, and skills. Certain skills may receive a larger or smaller bonus than the baseline increase. Send all bugs, comments, questions, and impressions to Narol.
90.DaveMar 19, 2007New race added. See 'help guado' for details.
89.NarolFeb 22, 2007Talia Vareld has gone through yet another recode. Yes, again. Hey, shut up, it's only her tenth or so. But, seriously, she's harder now but her drops have been slightly improved to compensate. Bugs, comments, questions, impressions, etc to Narol.
88.CedusNov 20, 2006X-Fight is in for hunter clevel 45. Getskills as hunter and enjoy.
87.NarolNov 5, 2006Mount Ordeals has been opened by the legendary Tod Magier of Mysidia. What's inside can now be seen, but Tod Magier returned to Mysidia with a strong warning: What's inside does not wish to be disturbed. In fact, it wishes quite heavily to be undisturbed, and will fight back with extreme force to remove invaders...
NOTE: Mount Ordeals is intended for a group of level 70-80, or a strong level 99+, to get through solo. Proceed with caution.
86.NarolOct 26, 2006The world of Daoma now sports tents, sleeping bags, and cabins for your sleeping pleasure. As per the help files, they only work at yellow or red aethyr spheres. Report and bugs, comments, questions, or general impressions to Narol.
85.NarolOct 6, 2006Baron has caught up with the rest of the MUD in sphere technology, and now sports a spiffy new blue aethyr sphere in its town hall's courthouse, two west of Baron's nexus stone.
84.NarolSep 28, 2006As promised back in July with newstuff 71, Mysidia now has a full militia complement. Those of you used to fighting Schlacht Magier will have to figure out how to spawn him again. A fundamental change to Mysidia's justice system should make it more humane, but none should expect any mercy given to murderers. A few words of warning to all potential Mysidia killers: Great enmity is earned in the slaying of the guard, and prominent killers are met with great force. Report any bugs, comments, questions, or general impressions to Narol.
83.NarolSep 10, 2006The huge impasse between Mist and Kaipo has been cleared, and as such you can no longer simply ride a chocobo between the two towns. That means you'll have to cross the desert on foot to get there. Report any bugs, comments, questions, or general impressions to Narol.
82.ValkerAug 28, 2006More Runic changes: You will only absorb charges/SP if you used Runic yourself, not if a party member cast it on you, but you will still receive protection from magic.
81.ValkerAug 27, 2006Runic now works as originally intended; you may only absorb runic charges if your primary class is Runic Knight. SP absorption has also been fixed and works regardless of your primary class.
80.NarolAug 23, 2006Summoner and Master Summoner now learn the Blood Pact and Word of Command skills, respectively. Caller now learns Astral Flow as a seperate ability instead of it being an innate ability in the class. Anyone of high class level should use the getskills command to learn these abilities. Furthermore, all three of these abilities may only be performed by someone of primary class Caller, Summoner, or Master Summoner. Summon itself may be used by any class. Further improvements to the summoning system are forthcoming. Direct all questions, comments, and general feedback to Narol.
79.AndrewAug 12, 2006Ditto to post 78 for the world of Mallora.
78.NarolAug 12, 2006Phoenix Downs are now stocked in item shops throughout the world of Daoma.
77.DaveAug 11, 2006White Wizard now has the 'life' spell to restore allies who have fallen in combat. Expect to see phoenix down appearing in shops soon as well.
76.ValkerAug 11, 2006If you've used the Squire ability Twohands to wield a weapon and use a martial arts skill, your weapon will now rewield two-handed instead of one-handed.
75.ValkerAug 9, 2006Dark Sword and Night Sword should suck a bit less now. Report any bugs or wacky damage.
74.NarolAug 6, 2006The mysterious Chocobo Forest near Mount Ordeals has been discovered to indeed still contain chocobos. While this might not sound like exciting news as is, there are probably some interesting things to be found there...