The Eternal Fantasy: New Stuff

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73.DaveAug 6, 2006For those who haven't noticed yet, death has undergone another basic change. Instead of receiving an experience debt, death will give you a stat handicap for a short duration. This penalty will lift itself with time, but further deaths while still handicapped will result in a more severe penalty and a slightly extended duration. As usual, mudmail any bugs or complaints to Dave.
72.CedusAug 1, 2006Cats eyes now works differently, in that you can automatically see if you have the ability but not if you don't. In mechanical terms, you can no longer "do secondary treasure hunter, catseyes, secondary whatever random god class" and still see in the dark without a light.
71.NarolJul 29, 2006Mysidia's guard system is now fully functional. That is to say, if you're a naughty boy or girl and kill people in town, Mysidia will send people after you. For now, Schlacht Magier is running a one-man show, but expect a wide variety of men and women under his charge to show up in Mysidia's defense over the next while. Deaths induced by execution in this manner reduce your enmity in town... and can indeed remove it entirely.
70.DaveJul 29, 2006Death has undergone a fairly fundamental change. Expect to see a few new features in the near future. In the meantime, mudmail any bugs/typoes/complaints to Dave.
69.AndrewJul 28, 2006All martial artist skills should now reequip your weapon despite if you miss, or your target goes missing. If you find any exceptions, send a mudmail to Andrew.
68.NarolJul 12, 2006The final Esper for Caller, Shiva, is now in game. Seek her out and add her power to your own, and you can finally master the class of Caller. As usual, direct all questions, comments, concerns, bug reports, and general constructive feedback to Narol.
67.ChenziJul 4, 2006Tule now has a quest that explains some of the issues in the area. Hopefully it'll appear in the 'quests' screen later.
66.NarolJun 22, 2006Eh, another new Esper. Again, nothing to get excited about this time, but remember Rydia still. It's in Daoma.
65.NarolJun 18, 2006A new Esper has been implemented. If you remember Rydia, and search the world of Daoma, you may find this new Esper and bring it to your beck and call.
64.NarolJun 10, 2006Magic City Mysidia is now available for players to explore! Report all bugs, questions, comments, and general feedback to Narol. The area is for around level 50.
63.NarolMay 25, 2006A new Esper has been added for those who thought they were too one-dimensional. Seek him out in the world of Aradian and he shall become a powerful ally.
62.CedusMay 24, 2006I know a lot of players outright hated the changes to Samurai. Instead of the crazy SwdTech command, you now have the eight sword techniques from FF6. Current Samurai should primary samurai and getskills at your local neighbourhood sphere. Retort will come at a later date when we've figured out a good way to adapt it to the MUD system.
61.CedusMay 22, 2006ATTENTION KELBANS: Your race starts with 29 total stats instead of 30 like all the other races. This has been rectified with an extra starting point in wisdom. Existing kelbans can use the fixkelban command to get their extra wisdom.
60.CedusMay 21, 2006If you're in a party, being in the back row will reduce damage from physical attacks now.
59.CedusMay 21, 2006Equipment absorb is more useful when fighting high-level mobs (i.e. The difference in damage will be more noticable if Dragon of Asskicking is fighting a party of two people, one wearing a cloth robe and one wearing a +1 Bigass Platemail of Protection). This change is pretty much on a probationary level, I'm putting it in on a temporary basis and seeing what people think, since defense being worthless is a common complaint.
58.CedusMay 20, 2006Black belts and friends get to hit a maximum of twice per round, like the help files say they should. Observant Senseis may learn how to hit even more than that.
57.CedusMay 13, 2006Squire gets recover.
56.CedusMay 13, 2006Mystic Knights see a new system in place for their mysticsword ability, Knight Break techs are more accurate and useful, Chemists may find that certain potions don't mix as well as before, and anything that should have blocked undead before now works as it should have done.
55.TimMay 5, 2006I changed the look command (and indirectly changed movement since it uses look) so that there is an automatic CPK warning message on CPK rooms. My character's getting hoarse at calling espers stupid with the "aura of chaos" type of stuff done in the name of staying in-character. My new warning message will make you actually feel like something chaotic is going on, when it fails to fit in to your comfy Final-Fantasy-based world.
54.CedusApr 28, 2006All you Bruce Lee wannabe black belts now get nunchucks like your Monk and Sensei brothers.
53.CedusApr 24, 2006Rejoice all ye knights, the break techs work now.
52.NarolApr 20, 2006The new Summon system... is IN! The old Chocobo and Ifrit spells, as well as Moogle, are out, and Caller now gets Summon at first class level. There are even two new help files, 'help magic summon' and 'help magic summonsystem' to guide you along the way. Now, for the part nobody likes: The rules. Well, it's not so much "rules" in the sense that they're going to be a big secret. No, feel free to tell your friends you got Ifrit, and from where. That said, I won't make any hard rules about Espers for Caller and Summoner, but I will ask that you keep any secrets you find to yourself. It's more fun when people discover things for themselves. Any and all Espers for Master Summoner, though, are to be considered to have the dreaded label of "qinfo." They exist, but that's it. Have fun with the new Summon system, everyone, and report all bugs, typos, questions, comments, or just any general impressions to Narol.
51.TimJan 6, 2006We moved to a new IP, should work if your client is already set for that.
50.AndrewDec 8, 2005The mysterious Archipelago has opened! How does one get to this luxorious vacation spot? If you're feeling adventurous, take the path south of Tycoon and walk for hours. Lazy? Go to Araban, they've opened their port to the public to allow you to safely sail just west of Crescent, for a price.
49.DaveNov 2, 2005Due to popular demand, the Dragon Neck Coliseum now sports an aethyr sphere in
the lobby. Also, your opponent and the object they plan to wager against you
will be listed BEFORE the battle takes place and you will have the option of
whether or not to accept their challenge.
In other words, your wagers are no longer blind gambles. Have fun!