The Eternal Fantasy: New Stuff

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48.ChenziNov 1, 2005Finally, Araban and Tule are in!
The overland outside of Araban is a semi-newbie area, and the
overland near Tule is a good alternative place to level for people
47.DaveOct 31, 2005A few changes to the magic system that you should be aware of...
Firstly, elemental defence higher than 100 will now result in damage being
absorbed as HP from spells/attacks of the corresponding element.
Also, blue magic works now, so expect to find some learnable spells scattered
about the place. (Don't worry, we'll let you keep grandtrain if you already have
Note also that your m_absorb stat should now actually do something, and that
m_absorb_up status now works in the same manner as physical absorb_up status
(eg. 50% m_absorb_up reduces all spell damage by 50%, AFTER subtracting your
magic defense on the armor normally.)
If you have any enquiries/complaints/bug reports, mudmail me.
46.DaveOct 19, 2005Head's up! Mad Oscar's now have 'Bad Breath'
45.DaveOct 17, 2005Thamasa's Item Shop now sells relics!
44.CedusOct 16, 2005Xmagic is in! <help skill redarchmagelist> for more information.
43.DaveSep 24, 2005The town of Kohlingen is now more or less formally open. Can't take any credit
for it, as all the work was originally done by Suky/Vanion a looooong time ago.
If you find anything that I missed while updating it, let me know.
42.JinrokkuAug 15, 2005Accumulate once again boosts your physical attack power.
41.JinrokkuAug 10, 2005Guilds in Coneria and Pravoka should no longer teach magic. ++ to Enishi for helping me with that. Anyone who learned spells at any of those mage guilds, let me know.
40.JinrokkuAug 10, 2005A lot of coliseum items have been changed a bit. If any of them do something wildly wrong, let me know.
39.JinrokkuAug 10, 2005Note on the above message: only speak to me when you believe you have met the requirements for Planewalker.
38.JinrokkuAug 10, 2005So, any people hoping to get Planewalker, speak to me.
37.JinrokkuAug 10, 2005Addition to above, fix you will notice: You can no longer twohand axe or hammer. Also, the jump room can no longer be warped into or out of.
36.JinrokkuAug 10, 2005Twohands fixed, but you may not notice. Lightshield no longer gives good_att_up. Evil Defense lowered a bit.
35.ShinjiAug 10, 2005Boardcheck has been updated, you no longer need to use the pboard command. command boardcheck will give you the help file on It's usage. Any bugs, problems, please report it.
34.TimOct 14, 2004Finished the map for the current Tycoon overworld so far, the 'map' command should be helpful once you go out there. Other starting places will have similar maps eventually.
33.ZarickSep 10, 2004Restrictions command added
32.TimSep 4, 2004Crashed today. Last reboot was Jan 17 18:47:17 2004 and the crash was Sep 3 21:56:10 2004, meaning the game was running non-stop for 32w 6d 2h 8m 53s.
31.ByreSep 2, 2004In addition to the last post please don't comment about the quest at all over public lines as I want all the surprises to stay that way and it is considered a quest and qinfo
30.ByreSep 2, 2004Darryl's tomb has been put in game if you want to run it, it's a lvl 80ish area
29.ByreAug 30, 2004Combat updated: Berserk should give less penalty to hitchance, All mobs shouldn't counter, samurai's can no longer counter, Status effects should be more useful now (absorb up/target up/evade up)
28.ByreAug 26, 2004New overworld that will connect the coliseum to the tomb and town. Tomb and town not implemented yet but feel free to explore the overworld and test out the mobs
27.ByreAug 22, 2004New command 'challenge' added, feel free to read its helpfile for more info.
26.AiniAug 19, 2004Equipment shop updated in Mist with a new mini quest to get into it.
25.ByreAug 18, 2004Monsters with elements should actually be meleeing as that element now
24.ByreAug 18, 2004Well chupon has been added to the arena, but being sneezed you don't lose your item wagered