The Eternal Fantasy: New Stuff

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From Date Message
23.ByreAug 18, 2004Dash skill added for squires
22.ByreAug 14, 2004Mix has been SLIGHTLY should make a lot more sense now...was buggy and no one noticed heh
21.ByreAug 13, 2004Inventors now have a more powerful identify
20.ByreAug 11, 2004Battle Arena has been added to the Coliseum, very few items you can bet currently but more will be added every day!
19.ByreAug 10, 2004Samurai's now have 'Cleave' added to thier 'swdtech' as well as can set a custom color for thier swdtech related combat msges with 'swdtech <color>' syntax
18.ByreAug 8, 2004Oh knight now gains Shock instead of Samurai
17.ByreAug 8, 2004Beserker gains a new skill 'whirl axe'. Also Samurai can no longer use normal swords but has gained the ability to use well as a new skill swdtech
16.ByreAug 5, 2004Wiznaubis dance removed and replaced a 'SwordDance' from FF5, expect more dances soon
15.TimAug 3, 2004Added 3 intermud IMC2 networks, probably will do I3 in the next couple weeks. Look at 'help intermud'.
14.ByreAug 1, 2004Quadraslash has been changed to reflect what will soon become ALL the samurai skills.. It is currently in testing phase but feel free to use it and give input
13.ByreJul 30, 2004New consider command is in.
12.ByreJul 28, 2004Breaks should now work with any weapon
11.ByreJul 27, 2004New darkwave is in
10.ByreJul 27, 2004Paladin skills: Sacred Slash and Light Shield have both been updated
9.ByreJul 27, 2004Camp has been completely changed.
8.ByreJul 27, 2004As per Tyran's request swordtechs should now be usable without a target when in combat
7.ByreJul 25, 2004Brawler skill 'bloodlust' updated
6.ByreJul 24, 2004You can now set the color of says by doing set SAY GREEN
5.AiniJul 20, 2004Kohlingen is partly open. Currently available: Chocobo Stable (with minor quest), Chocobo Raceway, and Coliseum. Search Narshe for the way to get there.
4.ByreJul 15, 2004Eh, some chocobos have been added or something. If you have already run the Taken quest send Byre or Aini a tell and we will give you your egg. Note: There are scattered new items to be used to interact with your chocobo so search all the mud even if you have searched it before. Feel free to send either of us a tell for more info.
3.TimMar 28, 2004Added command help onto the web site. Click on the help page, then click on the link at the top.
2.TimJan 22, 2004I set up a website for the MUD. (We've been without one for quite some time) It is run from within the MUD, so it can interact with it in all sorts of ways without being manually updated. Mudmail me with any ideas of what to add to it.
1.ZarickDec 11, 2003Ifrit has now been added to the game. If you are a Summoner, you can find and defeat him, acquiring his power.