The Eternal Fantasy: New Stuff

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From Date Message
173.CedusJan 4, 2009Skills command got a makeover. Enjoy.
172.CedusOct 8, 2008Holy and Death Knight are gone for the time being while we review our findings and consider what needs to be done. If you had them, any JP you had in them is still there for when you get to rejoin the class, so no worries on that count. Blame Cedus.
171.NarolOct 4, 2008The focus command has been added. See its help file, 'command focus', for details. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
170.NarolSep 2, 2008Third-tier classes with in-game guilds or quests have been removed from the EFC room. Classes of second tier and lower are unaffected. We apologize for any inconvenience. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
169.MorathSep 1, 2008the Chocobo Raceway has been updated. The text wrapping has been corrected, and the stable manager that used to be in the description is now a separate mob. Send criticisms, complaints, care packages, and cookies, to Morath
168.CedusAug 30, 2008In concordance with the above, RK's damage techs are a little different. The elemental ones are a bit stronger, all the techs take twohands now, infuse no longer applies and isn't on the class any more. Also, the number of charges you can carry around at once is capped now (30 slush, 20 for elements, 10 for statuses).
167.NarolAug 27, 2008The effect duration of the Runic ability has been altered. Furthermore, a player cannot receive Runic status again for one minute after application. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
166.NarolAug 24, 2008Undead in the Mount Ordeals and Inner Ordeals areas will now attack players whose HP thresholds drop below certain points. This manner of aggressive behaviour cannot be fooled by sneaking or other methods. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
165.LugerAug 22, 2008Tournaments have been tweaked. You will now only be healed if a tournament actually happens (i.e. if more than 1 person enrolls). You will no longer be transported to Coneria -- you will be returned to the location you started from. If that isn't possible, then you will be sent to the Nexus. If you are killed in a tournament, then you will no longer go to the netherworld.
164.GunnarAug 18, 2008A new pet store has opened in Tycoon! Pets respond to the 'order' command (see 'command order' for help). Enjoy!
163.CedusAug 13, 2008Players can now set WEAROFFCOLOR. This changes the color that statuses wearing off will show up in. Enjoy.
162.MorathAug 7, 2008Daryl's Tomb has had the word wrapping problem fixed. Room descriptions should be updated sometime.
161.MorathAug 4, 2008Beautification of the coliseum is underway. All rooms should now wrap properly. Please log any typos or grammatical errors. In addition, the Pepsi now states that it is a Pepsi after it is quaffed, rather than a Coke. The pizza has different toppings... Also, there is a seer mob in the bar who is in need of beer. Will you help him out?
160.MorathJul 24, 2008The beautification of Kohlingen is underway! Recent additions include: the much-awaited bounty shop, the (re) emergence of some guild halls, and a decrease in Mayor Roland's chat output. Expect in the future for Kohlingen: an end to the formatting problems and errors. Perhaps a quest or two. And... some more stuff. -Morath
159.CedusJun 27, 2008Ninja magic takes dex and not wis now. FYI.
158.NarolMay 28, 2008The interior parts of Mount Ordeals have been updated. Issues regarding boss AI exploitation and improper aggression relative to the Army of Darkness have been addressed. Furthermore, several portions of the area have been made CPK. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.
157.LugerMay 28, 2008You will no longer lose all of your inventory and money when you die in a CPK area. It will be treated as a normal death, though you can still be freely attacked by other players in those areas.
156.LamoniMay 26, 2008Tycoon Changes!
155.MorathMay 23, 2008A new command for elite players called 'transfer' has now been put into place. Type 'command transfer' for more information. Please send all questions and comments to me. And also give a big kudos to Dave, Gunnar, and Lamoni for their huge effort in this.
154.LugerMay 21, 2008Shops have been heavily overhauled with several new features. If there are any problems, let me know. Type 'help shop' in a shop to see what you can do.
153.LugerMay 14, 2008The 'statplan' command now exists so you can plot out your stat bonuses with relative ease. See 'command statplan' for help on how it's used and the in-command help for what to do in it. Questions, comments, to me.
152.LamoniMay 14, 2008The Archipelago/Crescent/Mirage area has been scaled down drastically to be more "user-friendly". (Something that has been LONG overdue!) Please direct all criticisms and bugs towards Lamoni.
151.NarolMay 13, 2008Races have been updated and rebalanced. Existing players will be largely unaffected. However, there are certain changes which should be noted:

Human can now start using statbonus at level 2.
Lefeinian's wisdom is now capped at 200.
Dwarf has been completely changed. See 'help dwarf' for details.
Guado has been renamed to dark elf. Existing guados are unaffected.
Half-dwarf and feline have been added.

This is where I usually put my signature but this was an effort on the parts of about every active esper, so report feedback as seen fit. However, report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism of feline to Narol.
150.DaveMay 9, 2008The scaling system is now in-game for testing. A purple sphere has been placed in the alternexus for you to experiment with, and a new help file has been added to help explain how it all works (help scaling). Please report any bugs to Dave.
149.NarolApr 20, 2008Weapon stat influences have been redesigned. Certain weapon types will no longer rely solely upon strength for their damage calculations. In addition to this, guns now deal damage independent of their wielder's stats. Report all bugs, comments, questions, concerns, and constructive criticism to Narol.