The Eternal Fantasy: New Stuff

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From Date Message
248.EnkerJun 5, 2020Multiple sphere colors have been reestablished. Any weirdness that crops up, such as pink spheres (the debug color), red and blue spheres not registering on the travel list, and so forth, let Enker know.
247.EnkerMay 31, 2020A fast travel system has been implemented for the Aethyr spheres! Simply touch one to register it in your player data, then at any other one you should be able to travel back to it. Any issues, bugs, etc., let Enker know.
246.EnkerMay 28, 2020Redid the status effect back end. Any weirdness, let Enker know.
245.EnkerMay 23, 2020Staves have been added to the Caller tree weapons usable list!
244.EnkerMay 9, 2020A lot of the backend for how accuracy and absorb was messed with. If anything screws up, let Enker know, and he is so, so sorry.
243.EnkerMay 7, 2020All White Mage buffs as well as Time Wizard's Haste and Young have had their effectiveness doubled and their duration set to 120 (about 4 minutes or so, because it's weird); most were 60, or 2 minutes, while Young had a meager duration of 45. Any issues that arise, let Enker know.
242.EnkerMay 3, 2020Enker overhauled the structure of the ability backend. Any bugs that crop up, let him know.
241.EnkerApr 25, 2020Elements backend has been overhauled. Any bugs or other weirdness which crops up, let Enker know.
240.EnkerApr 25, 2020WHM tree now has holy (formerly good) elemental spells available once more at the appropriate tier! Any issues arising (such as needing to change good-elemental effects to holy-elemental effects), please notify Enker.
239.EnkerApr 24, 2020Added more distinct coloring for healing/damage in the HP/SP report. Also, changed the display to show it as MP rather than SP. Also, removed the nasty spinfist desperation move from mobs (players still have a chance to use it at 25% HP or less).
238.EnkerApr 21, 2020Enker added the alternate names/ids display from the consider command to identify. He also removed the combat and attacker checks from focus. That may allow for preparatory tactics going into fights with more than one mob.
237.EnkerApr 15, 2020Class restrictions on Fighter's Twohands ability have been lifted. You may now, for example, wield a hammer twohanded in White Mage with Fighter secondary (provided you've gotten it to 25 and gotten Twohands, of course).
236.EnkerApr 7, 2020Added defend command, for those moments where something's incoming that you can't possibly do anything about and aren't doing anything else at the time. Also, buffed Accumulate's power_up effect from 10% to 15%.
235.EnkerOct 17, 2019Two decades after his supposed demise, the Squidmage King has returned seeking vengeance! He is rumored to be found in a waterlogged cave in U'tama, the forest east of Pravoka. Thanks to Fairan for braving that cave and pointing out the room he should've been in.
234.EnkerOct 10, 2019Bears bought at the Tycoon pet shop should no longer explode (for the time being, at least) when you change your class at a sphere. The pet shop itself may still be a bit buggy.
233.EnkerApr 26, 2019Pravoka now has, in the first Main Street room, paths to the east and west, leading to near the armor shop and...near enough to the bounty shop respectively. Hopefully this makes navigating that town somewhat easier.
232.EnkerApr 20, 2019Enker updated Coneria and Baron item shops accordingly.
231.EnkerApr 20, 2019Warpstones, cure3 potions, cure4 potions, strength potions, and dexterity potions have been added to Coneria's item shop.
230.EnkerApr 20, 2019Added in warp stones, one-use items which can take you to your savepoint, and made them available in the Narshe and Tycoon item shops.
229.EnkerApr 13, 2019Added 'fight' and 'attack' as global aliases for 'kill'.
228.TimMar 11, 2019I added the beginnings of some GMCP stuff. It sends out-of-band messages about your HP and experience and levels and whatnot, without your game client having to recognize and grab it from your prompt or command output. If you're using Mudlet then you can do 'gmcp client' and it will retrieve a simple plugin that makes some status bars in the corner with HP/SP/TNL. MUSHclient plugins can do the same kind of status bars, but I haven't made one yet. On Mudlet there is also a checkbox where you can allow Mudlet to mark you as playing the game on Discord. If you play via the web client at then that too will have some HP and progress bars on it.
227.EnkerFeb 18, 2019The backend for weapons and armor has been tidied up a good bit. Tell Enker if any errors crop up!
226.EnkerJan 19, 2019Strength, Dexterity, and Cure 4 potions have been added to the Tycoon and Narshe item shops. Enjoy more readily available buffs!
225.EnkerJan 19, 2019General experience debt is largely abolished. A little bit can still be gained from using recall away from a nexus stone too much, and some might be gainable in dungeons in the future, but for now, enjoy (?) worry free death!
224.EnkerJan 19, 2019Cut safe recall time (when not done at a nexus stone) to an hour, and cut the resulting experience debt to a tenth of what it was.