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***** An overview of magic in The Eternal Fantasy *****
Magic is the art of harnessing the elements that comprise the natural world and
using them as tools. While all disciplines manipulate aether to some extent,
mages are distinguished by their ability to use their control over these
energies to manipulate the mana found within living beings and objects alike.
When a knight creates an aetheric blade to strike their opponent from afar,
there is a clear, observable link between action and reaction, between cause and
effect. When a mage manipulates a being's mana, there is no observable link
between cause and effect. The mage's will is simply made manifest.

It is important to note that regardless of how it is understood by mortals,
magic is magic. Terms such as "black magic" and "white magic" refer to social
constructs created by mages and turned into tradition. Even the summoning of
espers and eidolons involves harnessing and controlling aether. Likewise, "blue
magic" refers to learning how to control aether by observing one's opponents in

The player stats that affect magic are:
Intelligence: Magic damage, minor effect on magic points
Willpower: Magic points, magic defense, Cure spell potency
Wisdom: Magic accuracy and evasion

The types of magic are:
Black: Black magic consists of the elements of fire, ice, lightning, and dark
White: White magic consists of the elements of air, earth, water, and light
Red: Red magic consists of the elements of fire, lightning, earth, and air
Blue: Blue magic is learned from enemies
Call: Call magic is the magic of summoning and interacting with magical
beasts known as Espers

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