The Eternal Fantasy: Help [magic/red]

                                 .: Red Magic :.                                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Red magic is the mix of swordsmanship with Black and White magic. *****
Red magic itself is the combination of some parts of both Black and White magic
schools. Red mages have access to some of the elements that each school employs.
A Red Mage cannot reach the heights of Black or White magic that they could if
they were focused on a single school, but they make up for this shortcoming with

Many of a the Red magic spells are focused on debilitating effects that control
the flow of combat. By stacking these effects on their opponents they can swing
a fair fight to their favor, or even take on enemies who are stronger than them.

As a matter of tradition, Red Mages also practice the art of swordsmanship;
Applying spells directly to their blades and using movements of their bodies and
swords, that would otherwise be wasted, to set up future spells. By sequencing
their Spellblade spells in a certain order, they can complete a Spellblade Combo
which acts as a shortcut for casting future spells.

Red Mages are also capable of abandoning their Spellblade Combo in order to
finish their opponents off quickly by using the Ochs stance. They lose the spell
casting efficiency and gain the additional power necessary to stagger their
opponents with their sword.