The Eternal Fantasy: Help [magic/call]

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***** Call magic is the magic of summoning Espers. *****
Call magic is one of the most powerful arts available to a mage, but is also one
of the most difficult schools to master. When a mage summons an Esper in combat,
the Esper itself is actually not even truly called - instead, a mage and Esper
work in unison to create a manifestation of the Esper.

The mage constructs a magic-based body (known as an avatar) and forms a link
(known as the Aethertrail) between the avatar and the Esper realm. If the Esper
is willing, it may choose to provide a portion of its power through the link and
animate the avatar. Because of this, summoned Espers grow and become powerful
with their summoners, but cannot be called without the consent of the Esper.
Maintaining the Aethertrail requires constant input from the mage in the form of
Magic Points. The stronger the Esper and the more they exert their power, such
as during combat, the greater the amount of MP that is required.

Naturally, many fantastic beings take exception to being objectified as nothing
more than tools of combat, or beasts called to unleash a few spells to attack,
and then to be discarded until the next fight. Therefor, not many will allow
themselves to be called merely by show of force, but instead require a potential
Caller to show respect.

Although combat is sometimes a necessary part of acquiring the allegiance of the
Espers, one should never presume to walk up to one, hit them over the head a few
times, and then demand to summon them. Only in rare circumstances will this
work. Some Espers prefer the challenge, but it should ideally be announced

There are a small number of Espers who have allied themselves directly to the
Guild of Call Magic, and will therefore allow themselves to be summoned by
Callers in training as long as they have the required level of skill. These
Espers are as follows:

Caller: Chocobo, Golem, Sylph
Evoker: Fenrir, Midgardsormr, Unicorn
Summoner: Valigarmanda, Cyclops, Carbuncle
Master Summoner: Odin, Bismarck, Seraph

Other Espers will need to be won over, the means by which this is accomplished
varies depending on a particular Esper's personality.

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