The Eternal Fantasy: Help [espers]

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***** The nature of Espers and summoning them *****
The following is general information about Esper beasts. For detailed
information about a specific Esper: change your class to one in the Caller tree
and use the command "summon stats <esper name>" (Note: You must have learned to
summon the Esper in order to see its stats).

An Esper is a magical being who lives in an alternate realm. It is possible for
Espers to interact with the mortal realms, but two things are required: A magic
vessel in the mortal realms, and a link connecting the vessel to the Esper

The magic vessel can take many forms, the only requirement is that it must be
capable of holding a piece of an Esper's soul. The primary technique of the
Guild of Call Magic is using magic to construct a combat-capable body with
aspects suitable to the Esper's personality, known as an avatar. There are also
objects which monsters sometimes carry that contain a small piece of an Esper.
These are objects of reverence, and through generations of devotion these
monsters have coaxed Espers into them. If a mage with knowledge of Call Magic
finds such an item, they may be able to communicate with the Esper and form a
strong enough bond that will allow them to be summoned.

There have been reported cases of vessels being collapsed into highly-condensed
magic and trapping a piece of an Esper's soul inside. It may be possible for a
Caller to free the Esper and let it return to its own realm.

The link between the mortal realm and the Esper realm is known to the Guild of
Call Magic as the Aethertrail. The Aethertrail requires a constant input of
magical energy to maintain, but the amount required can vary depending on how
powerful the Esper is and how much of itself it is attempting to link to the
mortal realm. An inanimate object with a very small piece of the Esper requires
very little magic and can be maintained simply through ritualistic acts of

Linking an Esper to an avatar requires much more magic, and even greater amounts
if the summoned Esper is engaged in combat; Thus, Callers spend a significant
amount of their training on increasing their magical stamina and sustainability.
The longer an Aethertrail remains open the more attuned the Esper becomes to the
vessel allowing it to exert more of its power in the mortal realms. This is
known as Aethertrail Attunement. For more information see: help

The creation of an Aethertrail does not compel an Esper to connect to it, so
Espers cannot be summoned by force. A vessel and a link are offered and must be
accepted by the Esper. It is very rare for an Esper to connect to an Aethertrail
created by someone with whom they do not share a bond.

If an avatar or other magical vessel containing an Esper is destroyed, then the
Aethertrail is broken and the Esper's soul returns to its own realm and must
wait until a new vessel and a new link are established.

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