The Eternal Fantasy: Help [espers/aethertrailattunement]

                          .: Aethertrail Attunement :.                          
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** The process of an Esper becoming more attuned with its avatar *****
While an Esper is in combat, it will gain Aethertrail Attunement from 0% to
100%. The number of ticks it takes to get maximum AA depends on the Esper's
tier. Tier 1 Espers will take 40 ticks, Tier 2 will take 34 ticks, Tier 3 will
take 28 ticks, and Tier 4 will take 22 ticks. While out of combat the Esper will
start to lose attunement at 1/4th of its normal rate.

On its own, Aethertrail Attunement provides bonuses to certain stats. Attack
Power, Defense, and Evade are increased by up to 10%.

The Evoker ability Astral Conduit can drain AA from an Esper (at a rate of 12.5%
per tick) in order to provide a buff to the player.

Once an Esper has 100% AA then a Master Summoner can use the Astral Flow ability
to call a very powerful Esper that temporarily replaces their existing one. The
Esper that is called depends on the type of Esper they have summoned. Bahamut
will replace attack-type Espers, Alexander will replace defense-types, and Asura
will replace support-types.

Astral Flow Espers cannot gain AA, but they will instead lose it at a constant
rate and once they have 0% AA they will disappear and the original Esper will
return. It takes 16 ticks for an Astral Flow Esper to use up all of its AA.