The Eternal Fantasy: Help [espers/stats]

                                .: Esper Stats :.                               
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***** Esper Stats and Formulas *****
Espers are divided into three primary groups Attackers, Defenders, and
Supporters. Each Esper type starts with a maximum value for each stat which is
then modified by the summoner's Intelligence and the Esper's Aethertrail
Attunement percentage.

= Max Stats =
Attacker Defender Supporter
STR: 300 STR: 255 STR: 155
DEX: 255 DEX: 220 DEX: 255
VIT: 220 VIT: 300 VIT: 220
INT: 300 INT: 255 INT: 220
WIS: 255 WIS: 220 WIS: 255
WIL: 155 WIL: 155 WIL: 300

Note: Aether Flow Espers of each type follow the above templates, but with a 25%
increase to each stat.
Note: There are also "Special" type Espers, but they are, by definition, special
and do not follow any of the above templates.

The Intelligence modifier formula is as follows:
Below 255: Intelligence / 255
Above 255: 1 + (1 - e^(-0.005 * (Intelligence - 255)))

The Aethertrail Attunement formula is as follows:
AA% * 0.1 (AA% is 0.0 through 1.0)

The final stat value would be:
stat * (intelligence_mod + aethertrail_mod)

For example, if the stat value is 255, the summoner's Intelligence is 220, and
the AA is at 30% then:
255 * ((220 / 255) + (0.3 * 0.1)) = 227

Note: If your Caller tree class is your secondary, then the stat modifier value
receives a 20% reduction penalty.

Esper weapon power is directly correlated to the Esper's Strength stat, with a
minimum of 30 and a maximum of 255.

Defense Espers receive an automatic +30 Physical Defense and +15% Enmity on all
attacks. Support Espers recieve an automatic +15% to Healing Power.

Aethertrail Attunement is calculated in two parts: the maximum value (1000 *
Esper Tier) and the rate of gain (12 * Esper Tier). If the Esper is in combat
then their AA will increase by the rate value every 2 seconds. If the Esper is
not in combat then their AA will decrease by 25% of the rate value every 2
seconds. An Astral Flow Esper cannot gain AA; It can only decrease at a rate of
40 every 2 seconds. When an Astral Flow Esper is summoned its total AA amount is
transferred from your original Esper, so the higher tier that Esper was the
longer the Astral Flow Esper will last.

The base upkeep cost of an Esper is 20% of their base summoning cost. If an
Esper is in combat then their upkeep is doubled. Additionally, if the Esper's
Aetherpact is active then the upkeep cost is increased by 2 * Esper Tier.