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Information regarding Clans

What are Clans?
Clans are a group of players that have united together to support each other
in The Eternal Fantasy. Each clan is unique and may focus on different things.
Some clans will be social groups, others designed to help people learn the game,
some will be rampaging murderers, or even a merchants guild of sorts. What a
clan chooses to do is totally up to the members of the Clan. You are not
required to playerkill or pay dues as a clanmember unless your clan leader
dictates otherwise. Each clan has it's own hall, and some have elected to build
their own cities or even fortresses. You may see clans that have fully
functional towns complete with all the amenitities of any major city. Most
players in a clan will have their title changed to reflect this, such as:
Bob the human wizard [Legions of Nothingness]

Clan members also have access to their own private channel and the clanwhere
command enabling them to see where their fellow clanmembers are at.
A good way to gather information on current clans is the 'claninfo' command
which allows you to see clan rank listings, descriptions, and other info.

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