The Eternal Fantasy: Help [clans/creating]

How do I create a Clan?
So, you think you have what it takes to lead a clan do you? Well, the first
step is to sit down and plan out some stuff about your clan. It will need a
good name, a description and mission statement, and you will need to get 4
other players to support your proposed clan. Then go to the room where you
want the entrance to your clanhall to be and run the 'clanapp' command. It will
walk you through the proccess of making a clan application for the espers to
review and either approve or reject. If your clan proposal is approved, you
will be contacted by the espers with further details on getting it set up.

It costs 1 million gil to found a clan, which gets you a main clan room and a
message board. Additional rooms without any special functions or features cost
100,000 gil each. Special rooms such as shops, inns, save points will cost
1 million gil apiece. NPCs follow the same prices as rooms, depending on any
special features or not. To add stuff to your clan's headquarters, just contact
your sponsoring espers and he/she will walk you through the process. Prices can
be deducted from the clan's balance, so it would be a good idea for members of
your clan to donate some gil to it.