The Eternal Fantasy: Help [start/interaction]

                                .: Interaction :.                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is a brief list of the most common interaction commands.

look - Displays the current room and all players, NPCs, and
objects within it
look <target> - Displays a description of the specified player, NPC,
or object

use <object> - Default interaction command for quest objects.

inventory - Displays current inventory
get <item> - Takes the specified item in the current room into
your inventory
drop <item> - Moves the specified item from your inventory into the
current room
give <item> to <target> - Gives the specified item to a player or NPC

equipment - Displays current equipment
identify <equipment> - Displays stats for the specified piece of equipment
equip <item> - Equips the specified piece of equipment
unequip <item> - Unequips the specified piece of equipment