The Eternal Fantasy: Help [spells]

                             .: Spellblade Combo :.                             
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** No movement wasted *****
One of the defining attributes of a Red Mage is their swordsmanship. However,
while it may appear to be simple swordplay to the outside observer, the Red Mage
is performing a complex set of movements designed to set up spells that will be
cast in the near future. This is what gives the Red Mage their apparent
speediness in spell casting. By performing these movements in a specific order,
they carve glyphs into the air and onto the bodies of their enemies. Once the
glyphs are complete, they can cast other spells almost instantaneously.

The Spellblade Combo consists of three steps. Each step has a set of spells that
can be used to fulfill the requirement and move on to the next step. Any
combination of spells may be used as long as the set matches the next step. Once
all three steps have been performed then the Red Mage will gain the Swiftcast
buff, which shortens the cast time of some of its spells to 1 clocktick (see
"help clocktick"). After reaching each step in the combo, the Red Mage has 12
seconds to cast a spell that fulfills the next step or their combo will reset.
Other abilities may be used in the time between combo steps.

Spellblade Combo First Step:

Spellblade Combo Second Step:
Acid Fang
Confusion Blade
Dispelling Slash
Draining Slash
Mage Masher
Maim Blade
Muted Slash
Osmotic Slash
Piercing Blow
Sword Breaker

Spellblade Combo Third Step:

Riposte -> Swarmstrike -> Fleche
Engagement -> Draining Slash -> Checkmate