The Eternal Fantasy: Help [skill/bloodpact]

                                 * Blood Pact *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Help on the Blood Pact ability. *****
A Summoner can offer up a portion of their blood to their summoned Esper in
order to rejuvenate the Esper's body. The amount of blood used determines the
amount of rejuvenation given to the Esper. This skill cannot kill its user,
however it may leave the Summoner with only 1 hit point remaining. 75 SP is
also required to use this skill.
Due to the strain involved in this skill, it may only be used once every 30
seconds, and disables the Astral Flow command for that duration as well.

bloodpact <percent of HP to offer>
bloodpact 50