The Eternal Fantasy: Help [scaling]

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Simulating other life levels.
Sometimes being the wrong level means missing out on the fun. This happens to
be particularly true for elite-level players who find themselves too high to be
challenged by certain quest areas, or when the level gap is too wide for p-kill
tournaments to be competitive.
The scaling system allows players to temporarily raise or lower their stats to
match a chosen level. A level 90 player, for example, could return to the stats
he or she originally had at level 10. A level 50 player might temporarily be
boosted to level 70 to compete in a tournament.
For the most part, scaling is accomplished through the use of purple spheres
(see 'help spheres' for more info.) In addition to providing healing and the
ability to change classes, purple spheres also allow use of the "scale" and
"unscale" commands.
To scale down, simply type "scale <number>". For example, 'scale 50' will turn
you into a level 50 character. There are some restrictions on sphere scaling
1) You may not scale 'up' using a sphere. In order to scale to a higher level
than your current one, you must be scaled by an Esper. Spheres won't do it.
2) You may not scale while you are currently in stat debt.
3) You may not scale if your new stats would not meet the minimum requirements
for your current primary or secondary classes. You must change to a 'lower'
class first.
4) After scaling, you will not be able to use equipment that your new stats do
not meet the requirements for. Make sure you have equipment of the right
level range before attempting to scale.
5) While scaled, you will not be able to gain experience, change your existing
classes, or join new classes at guild halls.
5) Obviously, you cannot scale down to a level less than 1, or higher than 99.
6) The game mechanics do not currently allow for players under level 11 to use
the scaling system.
To return to your original stats, type 'unscale' at a purple sphere. Death will
automatically force you to unscale.
In addition to spheres, Espers have the power to scale players manually. If you
have any questions, feel free to ask one.
NOTE: This is currently an experimental system. Please report any bugs you find.