The Eternal Fantasy: Help [rp]

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** General roleplaying information for The Eternal Fantasy *****
Roleplaying is encouraged but not required in The Eternal Fantasy. Different
players may also have different views of the nature of the setting. For the
purposes of the main scenario, every player is the same Baronian Wanderer who
joins the Black Hand. However, much like how not every roleplay character in
Final Fantasy 14 has to be a Warrior of Light, not every roleplay session in The
Eternal Fantasy need be between multiple Baronian Wanderers. Simply make sure
to establish the appropriate boundaries when entering into roleplay so that all
players are on the same page. Lore compliance is a matter of personal
preference rather than a strict rule. If you want to be from somewhere other
than Baron, or even someone who can walk between the planes, that's simply a
matter of consent.

While the main scenario has the equivalent of an ESRB M rating, roleplay does
not have to follow this guideline. Always make sure to establish clear
boundaries regarding issues such as violence and sexuality before engaging in
roleplay. Even if someone is comfortable with certain content in story mode,
that does not mean they will necessarily be comfortable with that same content
in freeform RP.

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