The Eternal Fantasy: Help [recall]

                            * Recall Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** The recall command is used to return to the Nexus *****
***** Using it will return you to the Nexus from anywhere in the Mud, *****
***** provided that said area isn't no_warp and you aren't paralyzed. If *****
***** you are in combat, there will be a charge time equal to that of a *****
***** tier 2 spell. When a player above level 10 uses recall, they will *****
***** be subject to a cooldown time, checkable by supplying 'time' with *****
***** the command. Using recall before this cooldown time has passed will *****
***** result in hp and mp damage as well as experience debt (potentially *****
***** worth it to get out of a bad area quickly), but it cannot be used *****
***** in combat for the duration of the cooldown. Recalling out of combat *****
***** will result in a longer cooldown time. *****
Syntax: recall
recall time
See also: run