The Eternal Fantasy: Help [races/lupine]

                                  .: Lupine :.
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Favoured stat: Dexterity
Hindered stat: Wisdom

The lupine are a very agile race resembling, but not related to, werewolves,
the most famous of which being from the town of Kelb in Mallora. They are a
very secretive race, preferring to keep away from the attention of others, but
are greatly loyal to those with whom they find their friendship. A lupine's
strong point is in their agility and quick reflexes. Unfortunately, lupines
lack any real affinity with magical influences. Standing anywhere from 5 to
7 feet tall, these lithe creatures are surprisingly charismatic and eloquent
in speech despite their beastial appearance. Distinguished lupines include
Kelgar, one of the Four Braves of Dawn who helped defeat Exdeath. A less
reputable lupine would be Lone Wolf, a deceptive pickpocket who has appeared
in both the Malloran and Aradian realms.