The Eternal Fantasy: Help [quickstart]

                             .: Help Quickstart :.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
A quick and dirty guide to adventuring!
* Movement
n: go north
s: go south
e: go east
w: go west
exits: see the exits available in a room
recall: return to the Nexus from a recall stone.

* Combat [help combat, stats, conditions]
kill <mob name>: initiate combat with a mob.
[skill] <mob name>: target a mob with [skill].
consider <mob name>: gauge how powerful a mob is.
run <exit>: run away from combat towards <exit>.
run: run to a random exit.

* Equipment [help files: equipment]
newbiestuff: get some newbie equipment!
wield <weapon>: wield a weapon. Use <weapon> 1, <weapon> 2, etc. if you have
multiple copies and the command's getting confused.
equip <armor>: wear a piece of armor.
equipment: see how equipment is affecting your stats.
conditions: see what status effects are affecting you and how.

* Classes [help files: class, classlist, spheres]
list : list classes at a guild.
join <class> : join a class at a guild, will clear secondary.
primary <class> : change to a class at a sphere that allows it (i.e., blue).
secondary <class>: change secondary class at a sphere, etc.

* Settings
Activate with set <setting>
autoviewmap: activate a small automap.
autoloot : automatically loot corpses for heads and any held items.

* Interaction
talk <target>: Talk to an NPC to hear what they have to say.
use <object>: Activate an object within the room. Some objects may use different commands.
give <item> to <target>: Give an item to a player or NPC.

* Communication [help files: channels]
say <message>: tell people in the current room <message>.
'<message> : shortcut for above.
tell <player> <message>: tell <player> the given <message>.
"<player> <message> : shortcut for above.
tune ooc in: tune the ooc channel in. Can also tune out too.

* Gaining Money [help files: bounty, money]
decapitate corpse: get a head from a corpse.
bury corpse : bury a corpse for a little bit of JP.
Mob heads are the main source of gil on EF, for monsters have bounties placed
upon them and the heads are needed for proof of the kill. Sell'em at bounty shops!