The Eternal Fantasy: Help [quick]

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First, type:
tune ooc
There, now you can chat and listen to what's being said on the ooc channel.

There is a set of standard aliases for common commands, check 'alias -global' to
see it.

Some useful commands to get started with are:
<direction> - the most basic movement - moves you in that direction
alias/unalias - aliases allow you to make shortcuts for longer commands
commands - lists all the commands you can use
command <command> - gives additional help on the command, if available
drop <item> - attempts to move an object from your inventory to the room
exits - gives a list of possible exits from where you are
get <item> - attempts to move an object to your inventory
look/look <item> - used in many ways to examine your environment or an item
say <msg>/'<msg> - to address everyone in the room with you

Additional Information
faq - this displays the list of Frequently Asked Questions
help class - gives you information about our class system
help commands - some general help on using commands
help help - how to use the help command
help start - an explanation on this particular MUD

The Eternal Fantasy New User Help
Welcome to The Eternal Fantasy! We, the Espers, hope you enjoy playing this MUD.
To help make the experience a little more enjoyable, we ask that you obey a few
simple rules.

First, do not harrass other players. Just Generally pratice the Golden Rule (do
unto others as you would have them do unto you) and you should be fine.

Second, do not harrass the Espers. This basically means, do not abuse the
espercall command. Some players have acted as if they thought this command was a
chat line, which it is not.

For a lengthy list of the rules, check 'help rulelist'. Ignorance is not an

Playing this MUD
As mentioned in the login screen and elsewhere, this MUD is based on the Final
Fantasy Series of Video Games, for NES, SNES, GB, and PSX. If you don't know
what those abreviations are, call your local Wal-Mart, and ask for the
Electronics department. They can tell you.

Anyways, Legal Stuff dictates that we must tell you:
Final Fantasy, and all related concepts, are copyrighted material of SquareSoft
Co., Ltd.

This MUD is not a rehash of the games. As 99% of the Espers have said before, if
we do that, we might as well just go home and play the games on our systems.
This MUD has a totally new plot, and takes place several years (if not
centuries) after the games did. This dictates that you won't see many of the
characters from the games running around.

To get started, you'll want to read help commands. Then, you may want to try out
the commands, or read the help on them.

Don't go around complaining that a command is missing or has no help. Just
report it as a bug. ('command bug')

This MUD automatically saves when you log out, and it also automatcially saves
from time to time. So repeatedly typing save is not important, but it is
advisable sometimes in case the MUD takes an urge to crash.

Also, unlike FF games, you cannot save your game, die, and then 'reload' your
character before it happened. If you die, you die. You suffer the consequences.
Your character is not deleted when you die though, so don't worry about that.

Most items will automatically load on your body when you reenter the game. Some
were created so that they would not. These are usually clearly marked in their
descriptions or where you find them.

There are lots of Quests in this game (or at least there will be). Some of them
are neccesary for you to complete inorder to get further into the game while
some are there just for amusement. But unlike a lot of muds, there is no 'Quest
Daemon' that lets you choose which quest you want to do next. Sharing any
information on quests or hidden items is known as qhinting. This is illegal and
the penalty for offering qinfo to anyone can be as harsh as removal of your

-The Admins