The Eternal Fantasy: Help [potion]

                             .: Consumable Items :.                             
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Items with a single or limited number of activations and will *****
***** disappear once used up. *****
Most consumables are items that can be carried in a character's inventory and
used at the player's discretion. They have a variety of effects and number of
activations, but once all activations have been used the item will disappear.

All consumables can be activated with the "use" command, but some will have
additional, context-specific activation commands (e.g. "drink" for potions).
Consumable items can only be applied to the user unless otherwise specified by
the item's description. For example, if a player has a Cure potion and they want
a party member to use it, they must give the potion to their party member and
then the party member can drink the potion themselves.

Most consumable items are single-use, but some will have multiple uses and will
not disappear until they have all been used. There are also consumables with
time-based use and will disappear after the item has been activated for a
certain number of real seconds.