The Eternal Fantasy: Help [pk]

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Ready for some domain information regarding PK and CPK?
Generally, PK is acceptable but restricted. ie. You can decide to turn it on or
off. You can do this at any church or courthouse. You can also use the 'list'
command there when your PK is on to see a list of PKers currently online. Also,
the 'pkills' command lists the top PKers. You don't get experience debt for a
PDeath and you don't receive rewards for PKills. Please don't engage in
excessive PKs as it spams people.

CPK areas are just a fraction of the world here, but it would be a good idea to
find out where they are and avoid idling in them. Whether or not your PK is on,
you can and may be killed there by another player. If you die in a CPK area, you
get experience debt and your inventory remains in tact on your corpse, allowing
others to loot it. If you kill a player in a CPK zone however, you will gain
experience and will be allowed to loot their corpse. Any player whose corpse is
buried in a CPK area will lose his/her inventory. When you die, as long as no
one loots your corpse, if you wait long enough, your corpse will naturally
decay and disintegrate, and once that is over, your inventory--or what's left of
it--will be returned to your body.
Note: Killing a friend repeatedly in a CPK zone to level is illegal. Be wise
and do not take part in this.

Lastly, there is one other type of area. This is used for PK tournaments which
can be started by admins and espers. If you enroll in the tournament, your
character will be moved to the arena to engage in PK with the other players
enrolled for a prize. The last one alive in the tournament is the winner.