The Eternal Fantasy: Help [multiplaying]

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Thinking of having more than one character? Read on for the multiplaying rules.
Excerpt from the rulelist:

Article V.

1. It is legal to have multiple characters providing the following is adhered
A. Players may not at any time have more than one character logged in
B. Players must maintain separate identities for each player that they
play. This includes the killing of another player if the fight would not
normally have occurred.
1. Do not reveal the alternate characters of others.
2. If you would like to tell about your OWN characters, then there's
nothing wrong with that.
3. Naming an esper player character is considered gross breakage, and
will be dealt with as such.
C. Players may not exchange objects or gil between one of their characters
and another, whether it is sent through an intermediate or not.
1. 'Intermediate' includes players, NPC's, shops, and any other means
of transferring equipment.
D. Players not log in characters not owned by them.
E. Players may not sell, trade, or in anyway come into posession of a
player they did not advance from the beginning.
F. Only one person may own a character. It cannot be co-operatively owned
by more than one person.
G. Players may own a maximum of three players at any one time.
H. Punishment for breaking Article V will be as follows.
1. First breakage will result in a warning.
2. Second breakage will result in a minimum of a warning, and a
maximum of removal of one of the characters owned by that person.
3. Gross or multiple breakages will result in the minimum of removal
of one character owned by the person, and a maximum of site

There are no exceptions to these rules.