The Eternal Fantasy: Help [msq]

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** The Eternal Fantasy's main story scenario *****
Set 50 years after Final Fantasy 4, the main story scenario of The Eternal
Fantasy is structured as a Final Fantasy game, with a linear storyline and an
ensemble cast of NPCs. It can be considered a sequel to Final Fantasy 4 and
Final Fantasy 4: The After Years. Each player's main scenario is self-contained
as you take on the role of the Baronian Wanderer who joins the Black Hand and
fights to bring freedom to Baron.

At the beginning of the main scenario, only Baron and its surrounding overworld
are accessible. Progression through the main scenario unlocks new areas,
dungeons, quest lines, and more. The main scenario awards sufficient experience
and job points to continue playing at your own pace, without needing to stop and
level up to continue the story.

Final Fantasy games generally have an ESRB rating of T. Be advised that the
main scenario quests are written at the equivalent of an M rating for strong
language, intense fantasy violence, and mature themes.

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