The Eternal Fantasy: Help [memorypark]

                                * Memory Park *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Memory Park is accessible from all the worlds of TEF *****

Memory Park is a place where players can read the roleplaying history of others
who have come before. People who log their Roleplaying sessions, and then
convert them into narrative format, can submit them to Casian to be
added to Memory Park.

Submission guidelines:
* No profanities. Edit them out (bleep) or change them to other words.
If you absolutely MUST, and I mean, it would utterly destroy the story if
you left out profanities, (I'd hate to read something like this... but...)...
make sure to mark it as such, and in the memory park listings, it will have a
profanity warning for those who don't care to read vulgar texts.
* Narrative Format. They cannot be raw logs. You should compose the events
into prose so that the events can be read as a story.
* The submission should first be presented to Casian through Mudmail.
Do NOT include the submission in the mudmail. Once I have acknowledged
the submission, you will be informed to send it via email, in the BODY
of the message, not an attachment. It will be reviewed as soon as possible.
If it is rejected for some reason, you will receive mudmail about it. If not,
I probably haven't read it, or haven't had time to add it to the park.