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Pravoka is a large merchantile town. Many people from all over the world come
to this city to sell their goods, or get a good deal on a good many things.

Pravoka was built in the form of 3 large islands surrounded by a freshwater
aqueduct. The source of the Pravoka river comes from beneath the park.

With the rise of the port town of Relidia, and the influx of pirates, Pravoka
has become a rather dismal place to live. Bars and casinos have cropped up, and
pirates walk the streets. No guards roam the streets, as there is no way to keep
order in such a place.

The streets are very twisty, and even the sharpest people may get lost, so
here's a map:

Bazaar Estate White Mage Guild
Small Inn / TigerShark Tavern | |
| / | Coral Street
Tiger Shark Street Board Room |
|| \ The Inn |
Tide Street Merchant || |
|| Street===The Park===Gull Street
|| || | |
Shop/ \ Armor || | Bank
|/Cure \ Tavern Shop || Pearl / \
| Shop \ | | || Square \ Black Mage Guild
|------ /-Reef Street || Weapon shop \| Bounty Shop
| | || \ \ |
Casino | Mysterious shop || Man-o-war street
Trident / || /
Street || Sea Breeze Path
Exit Town -----------------------> Eastern Road.
To the Docks

The pirate ship in the docks is full of really nasty, and aggressive pirates who
are very protective of their ship. Don't go unless you are prepared.