The Eternal Fantasy: Help [mail]

                                .: Help Mail :.
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So you log on and you were hoping to find someone specific there so you could
tell him/her something important, but the person isn't there. What do you do?
A simple and generally quick way to send someone a message is through MUDmail.
Currently, a post office can be found in a few towns. You would have to go to
one and enter 'mail <name>' to start writing a letter to him/her. First it will
prompt you for a subject, then the message. When you are done entering the
message, you can enter a period (ie. '.') so the system will know that you have

Once you enter the mail system, you cannot use say, tell, channels or emotes
until you have left it. After you have entered the subject, you are able to
abort the mail entirely without saving by entering '~q'.

If you just want to check your mail, you can use the 'mail' command alone at the
post office and read a specific one by entering its number. ie. You will see a
number before the name of any person who sent mail to you. That is the number
you should enter to view the mail. As long as you are not in the process of
writing mail yourself, you would use 'q' to leave the system.

If you would like to remove old mail that no longer serves a purpose, enter the
number so it shows the mail, then enter 'd'. It is marked for deletion and as
soon as you leave the mail system, it will be removed.