The Eternal Fantasy: Help [light]

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Environment lighting and how it affects gameplay *****
Rooms in Eternal Fantasy (note: A "room" is any location that players can be in,
indoors or outdoors) can be either lit or unlit. A lit room, such as a house
with candles or an open field in the middle of the day, will let players see
details and other things in that room. However, an unlit room, such as a dark
cave or an attic with no lightsource, requires an external source of light in
order for a player to see.

If a player is in an unlit room and tries to look at anything they will only see
the message "It is dark and you can't see a thing."

Common sources of light are a torch (found in shops and scattered throughout the
world), and a ball of light (created through magic by multiple mage classes).
Both of these items work similarly in that they can be lit/unlit through
commands (e.g. "light torch", "unlight torch") and have a finite amount of fuel.
Once their fuel runs out they will automatically extinguish and disappear.

There are some special items in the game that will act as permanent sources of
light. These items do not need to be turned on/off nor do they require fuel.

There are no benefits to players or player skills for being in an unlit room.