The Eternal Fantasy: Help [levels]

                               .: Help Levels :.
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Checked 'score' and found yourself confused over the three types of levels?
Well let's take a look at each type.

We'll start with Life Levels. It's really very simple. When you engage in combat
with a mob and succeed in killing it, you gain experience points. As you
continue to gain experience, your level increases. For more information, check
'help start combat'.

Now we'll move on to Class Levels. As you can see in 'help classlist', there are
numerous classes to choose from with various types of abilities. But you don't
just join a class and it all ends there. Classes have levels. The rewards for
these levels are usually more abilities, but sometimes the reward is also the
increase in the power of an ability. If you'd like more information on classes,
check 'help class'.

Finally, we've come to the Elite Levels. Any level above 99 is an elite level.
Level 98 is the last level you can get race gains and statbonuses for. So at
level 99 you have gained your final stats and will from then on not receive
anymore. Currently, there is a reward for elite levels. See 'help levelrewards'
for details.