The Eternal Fantasy: Help [level]

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
There are two different types of leveling in Eternal Fantasy: Life Level and
Class Level.

Life Levels are gained by earning Experience Points (XP) and are tied to your
character. Gaining Life Levels can improve your character's stats up to level
99. Your character can continue to gain levels beyond 99, but stats are not
affected. XP is primarily earned by killing enemies and completing quests.

Class Levels are gained by earning Job Points (JP). Each class is leveled
separately. Gaining Class Levels can unlock abilities or class traits up to the
class tier limit. There are currently four class tiers and you must reach the
tier limit before progressing to the next tier. Tier 1 goes to class level 25,
Tier 2 goes to class level 50, Tier 3 goes to class level 75, and Tier 4 goes to
class level 99. JP Is primarily earned by successfully executing abilities,
killing enemies, and completing quests.