The Eternal Fantasy: Help [hitpoints]

                                .: Hit Points :.                                
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***** Hit points represent your overall stamina in battle *****
Hit points are a combat statistic representing your overall stamina, resiliency,
and ability to fight. Greater HP corresponds with greater ability to withstand
attacks. When your HP reaches zero, you are incapacitated. It should be noted
that zero HP does NOT, by itself, mean death. It merely means that you are
unable to battle. This is why resurrection effects will return fallen allies to
battle, but cannot raise the dead.

HP is reduced by damage taken in battle and by certain effects out of battle.

You naturally regenerate a small amount of HP over time, and HP can be restored
in several ways:

1) Abilities such as Second Wind or spells such as Cure
2) Items such as Cure potions or tents
3) Inns available in towns

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