The Eternal Fantasy: Help [highwind]

                               .: Help Highwind :.
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Harness draconic aether in battle
Uhlan, Lancer, Dragoon, and Holy Dragoon utilize a unique mechanic called the
Highwind gauge. This gauge is built through attacks such as Skewer and
Disembowel, and abilities such as Fly High. It is spent to use attacks which
automatically inflict stagger, such as Leg Sweep, attacks which debilitate the
target, such as Spineshatter Dive, and the defensive technique Dragonmend.

The Highwind gauge is displayed automatically when using abilities involving it,
and its total value can be accessed through the conditions command. It is a
status condition with a maximum value of 100 and a duration of 120 seconds,
refreshed whenever an ability builds or spends Highwind.

Dragoon's stance, Air Supremacy, halves all Highwind costs (rounding down), but
disables accumulation of Highwind while active. It is best used on strong
opponents such as bosses.

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