The Eternal Fantasy: Help [guides/sageguide4]

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Information and strategy for playing Sage. *****
Meteor completes Sage's rotation. Its effects change based on your stance.
Enochian's effect, Equanimity, increases Eudaemonia's multiplier from 4/3 to
4.5/3, adding an additional 12.5% to Sage spell multipliers. Asylum's effect
increases the duration of all active spell buffs by 10 seconds. This includes
Great Gospel and even Equanimity, if you are in a position to switch stances
quickly enough. An example of Sage's core rotation is:

Fire -> Fira -> Firaga -> Flare -> Xenoglossy/Assize -> Meteor

Since Meteor can also be cast with a full MP bar, it is possible to do this,
assuming sufficient speed:

Scathe x3 -> Meteor -> Scathe -> Flare -> Xenoglossy/Assize -> Meteor

Meteor's ability to extend Great Gospel's invulnerability means that a rotation
of three Scathe casts into Meteor is possible. Sustaining Great Gospel results
in low DPS, however, and be advised that you may not be able to meet the minimum
DPS requirements to clear harder battles this way. Extremely high speed is also
required for this strategy.

Finally with regards to Meteor, the double Xenoglossy/Assize from Comet does not
need to be cast in succession, assuming sufficiently high MP. Although it
results in a low ending MP, this combo can be used to maximize Meteor casts:

Comet -> Xenoglossy/Assize -> Scathe -> Meteor -> Xenoglossy/Assize -> Meteor

Beyond Meteor, Sage combining Magus and Devout means that it inherits all traits
from those classes. With the exception of Alterity and Kenosis, either stance
will affect all traits. This means, for example, that it is possible to cast
Starfall under Asylum and Great Gospel under Enochian.

The addition of the Pathos trait gives Sage another style of gameplay in terms
of stacking shields. If timed well, Rapture effectively grants a 3x modifier
magic attack to all Cure and Starlight spells, meaning that Sage can still
deal effective damage against opponents that leave little room for combos.
Leaving Enochian or Asylum off can be beneficial in these circumstances, as the
additional healing from the Haecceity, Ressentiment, and Schema traits help
compensate for even the highest incoming damage.

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