The Eternal Fantasy: Help [guides/sageguide3]

                       .: Play Guide: Magus and Devout :.                       
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Information and strategy for playing Magus and Devout. *****
The third tier transforms the core rotation as follows, when under the effect of
Enochian or Asylum:

Fire -> Fira -> Firaga -> Flare -> Xenoglossy/Assize

This rotation is MP-neutral, and can be maintained indefinitely with no further
need for Scathe. Note that any element can be paired with either finisher,
depending on your stance. Enochian enables Xenoglossy. Asylum enables Assize.
Scathe remains useful as a way to maintain Sage's support spells. Three Scathes
are worth four buff/debuff casts.

If you forego your stance, then your rotation is unchanged. However, the cast
speed increasing spells Ley Lines and Presence of Mind become even more useful,
allowing you to maintain high cast speeds while retaining all the previous
tiers' bonuses for leaving your stance off. This can be especially useful
against opponents with high elemental weaknesses, as Xenoglossy and Assize are
nonelemental and a sufficiently high weakness can overcome the loss in damage
from foregoing the Eudaemonia trait.

While Bio may tick slowly, its effective modifier is among the highest of any
spell in the Sage tree. Furthermore, its modifier is not affected by the
Eudaemonia trait, meaning that it still deals full damage even with your stance
off. Bio's damage shines in longer fights that allow it full time to tick up.
Its total multiplier of 10x is even more powerful than Sage's Meteor spell.

Providing somewhat more esoteric buffs are Afflatus Misery and Afflatus Solace.
The quickest way to activate Afflatus Solace is to have Medica active while
casting it, casting Cure, and resolving Excogitation. Afflatus Misery is
useful when you're staggered, as are Ebullience and Rapture. Stacking Manawall,
Galvanize, and Amor Fati shields before a fight can even eliminate the need to
heal at all.

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