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                 .: Play Guide: Black Wizard and White Wizard :.                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Information and strategy for playing Black and White Wizard. *****
The second tier provides a great deal of utility. While expensive, these
spells provide powerful buffs and debuffs. It's impractical to keep every Sage
buff active at once, or to enfeeble an enemy with every Sage debuff, and these
spells are meant to be applied strategically, for example by prioritizing Addle
against enemies with high attack power, or Slow against enemies with high

Another approach to maintaining the MP for these spells, useful against enemies
with no elemental weakness, is to forego elemental spells and stagger opponents
entirely with Scathe. However, this will result in lower DPS.

Each class also gains a spell that provides an extra defensive benefit above
simple healing. Black Wizard's Manawall creates an HP shield that absorbs
damage, while White Wizard's Excogitation provides an automatic cure. When
cast before a fight, these spells reduce the need to heal in the middle of

Perhaps the most important upgrade at this level is the Anima Mundi trait. When
fighting multiple opponents, damaging spells will target all opponents, taking
twice as long to cast regardless of the number of opponents. This trait can be
bypassed by selecting an individual target, e.g. 'flare imp'. Note that
additional spell effects, such as Scathe's MP healing, will only trigger once.

The Kathekon and Haecceity traits provide 2.5% MP and HP every 6 seconds,
respectively, or 25% per minute. It can be useful to switch your stance off
between fights, and to leave it off against easier opponents that don't require
high DPS to defeat.

Finally, the Abjection and Verstehen traits distinguish the Starlight and Cure
spells more at this level. Starlight's ability to critical heal may provide
higher healing numbers than Cure, but Cure's ability to purge status effects and
debuffs can be absolutely critical for defeating difficult opponents.

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