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                   .: Play Guide: Black Mage and White Mage :.                  
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Information and strategy for playing Black and White Mage. *****
At first tier, the core gameplay of each class is identical. A simple spell
rotation such as Fire -> Fira -> Firaga -> Flare costs 25% of your max MP, which
means you can perform this rotation four times before needing to refill MP with
Scathe. This is a sample rotation:

(Fire -> Fira -> Firaga -> Flare)x4 -> Scathe -> Scathe -> Scathe -> Flare

The Eudaemonia trait is shared between both classes, which means Asylum powers
up Black Mage spells cast from your secondary class, and Enochian powers up
White Mage spells cast from your secondary class. Eudaemonia multiplies spell
modifiers by 4/3, providing a significant increase to damage per second (DPS).

The Facticity and Oikeiosis traits provide minor buffs to magical accuracy and
evasion. It's generally better to leave your stance on at this level, but at
later levels, this decision becomes more situational.

The Will to Power trait is active regardless of whether your stance is on or
off, and provides unparalleled MP recovery. Other classes seeking to use Sage
spells as a secondary will need to find other sources of MP recovery, such as
Pugilist's Chakra ability, or simply drinking Ether potions.

Finally, Starlight is based on intelligence, while Cure is based on willpower.
This means that Starlight may be better even as a White Mage at this level,
although each spell will gain additional effects to distinguish them at higher

Please note that Cure and Starlight are currently balanced around legacy
content and are intended to be adjusted in the future.

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