The Eternal Fantasy: Help [gmcp/messages]

Char - data about your character
Debug - shows GMCP messages as regular text
External.Discord - Mudlet lets you set your status on Discord
Grapevine - used by the Grapevine web client
Beip.Stats - used by BeipMU

You can type 'gmcp' to see which are enabled.

Messages the game might send to you as of this writing:
Char.Cur - things that change often
.hp .sp
Char.Max - maximums
.hp .sp
Char.Info - things that rarely change
.name .race .gender .trait .clan
Char.Stats - stats
.str .vit .int .dex .wil .wis
Char.BaseStats - stats before modifications
.str .vit .int .dex .wil .wis
Char.Cond - array of strings listing your current conditions, using the tags
Char.Exp - experience, jp, life & class levels, values for levels
.xp .jp .lvl .clvl .lastxp .nextxp .lastjp .nextjp
External.Discord - values for Discord Rich Presence supported by Mudlet 3.14+
Client.GUI - notifies Mudlet about plugin available
Grapevine.g - variables for the Grapevine web client to do progress bar
.xp .xpnext .jp .jpnext .name .hp .sp .maxhp .maxsp
Beip.Stats - values and presentation data for a graphical window in BeipMU

Others will be added later.

As of this writing, most GMCP data is not sent upon change but instead at the
next heartbeat. So currently there are delays which will improve later when we
move it out of heartbeat.