The Eternal Fantasy: Help [gil]

                               .: Help Gil :.
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Needing a little pocket change and not sure how to scrape up some?

A few mobs in the first worlds carry gil, but it's never much. So there are
other ways to earn it. There are bounty shops through the MUD where you can sell

the heads of your kills. To get their heads, when they die, you could either
'decapitate corpse' or 'loot'--which includes decapitation. Take these heads to
the right shop and 'sell head', or in the case of having more than one to sell
at once, '# sell head'. # being the number of heads you are carrying.
Note: You can only enter multiples of a command at highest number 10. ie. You
can enter '10 west' but not '11 west'. You can however enter '10 west'
twice to go 20 rooms west. This is different for emotes. You can only
enter a multiple as high as 8. More than eight of the same emote would
most likely spam someone. And you must wait a while before entering
another emote or you end up getting yourself muzzled.

Moving on. Another way to earn gil is by selling the equipment worn by the mobs
you have killed, assuming you don't want to keep any for yourself. Not all shops

will buy from you, but all general shops will. You would just need to find a
shop and 'sell <item>'. Or you may wish to 'value <item>' first so you can have
an idea of what you will get for the item.

Lastly, you can use the corpse of your kill to earn gil also. Sometimes the
bounty shop will take the corpse and give you an item. If you already have the
item or have no use for it, you can sell it in the general shops for gil.
Sometimes, you will find there are bounties on the bones or skin of a mob. To
get these, you would need the hunter skills skin and debone respectively.